5 Rules How To Wear Pastel Color dresses This Summer

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Pastel color dresses are the best choice for a summer clothes.They can make the image sophistication, romance and elegance.However, it is critical to understand how to properly mix pastel colors and which shades suit you best.

pastel color dresses
pastel color dresses

1. Rule – Pastel = Minimalism

Always combine pastel colors with neutral ones: black, gray and white. It’s the easiest and elegant combo.

pastel color dress
pastel color dress

2. Rule – Mix and match pastel shades

Mix pastel shades together on the principle of Color blocking, using things with clean straight lines. Do not choose clothes with too strange cuts and designs.

You can even combine 2,3 or even 4 pastel colors in one outfit.

pastel color dresses
what is pastel color dress

3. Rule – Monochromatic Pastel Looks

Select only one pastel shade for the entire outfit. To make the outfit fresh use the creative details of accessories, and you will instantly attract attention.

It is best to choose light pastel shades for a monochrome look.

Monochromatic Pastel Looks

4. Rule – Pastel Nude

Cream and beige tones are the most universal of all pastel shades, and they fit well literally with any other pastel or neutral shade. Mix them with grey tones to create nice effect.

Pastel Nude
Pastel Nude
Pastel Nude

5. Rule – Pastel With Bright Colors

For the most playful and eye-catching image, you can try to combine pastel colors with brighter ones.
The principle is this: you take a pastel shade and select the same color to it, but in bright tones (light pink with fuchsia).

In this way, you will also reduce the “sugariness” and femininity of pastels, while simultaneously demonstrating your individual approach and unique taste in style.

For example, you choose clothes in pastel-red colors and a red bag.

Pastel With Bright Colors

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