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1. Dream Room

Dream Room Motivational Story : There lived a hardworking , honest and virtuous boy in a city . Parents , siblings , friends , relatives all loved him very much .Being ready to help everyone , he was respected from neighbors to colleagues ., Everything was good , but the success he dreamed of in life was far from him .  

He worked hard day and night , but his failure would have been in his hands .  His whole life went out like this and in the end he got out of the cycle of life and got absorbed in the cycle of time .

Since he had done good deeds in life , he attained heaven .The angel took him to heaven . Seeing the supernatural beauty of heaven , he was mesmerized and said to the angel , Which place is this ?”

This is heaven . You have got a place in heaven because of your good deeds . From now on you will stay here .” The angel answered . 

The boy was happy hearing this . The angel showed him the house where arrangements were made for his stay .It was a luxurious house . He had never seen such a luxurious house in his life .

The angel took him inside the house and started showing all the rooms one by one . All the rooms were very beautiful . Finally he took her to a room in front of which Dream Room was written . 

When they reached inside the room , the boy was stunned to see that there were many small images of objects kept there .These were the same things which he had worked hard for his whole life to get , but could not achieve . Luxurious house , car , high official position and many such things , which remained in his dreams .  

That thinking was that these things to get the dream I earth folk in view were , but there is that I found not . Now on their small counterparts this way , why should he have ? That your curiosity to control not be found and ask for sitting , ” it all here this way it behind what caused it ?”

Angel said he said , ” Man your life a lot of dreams sees it and he completed it to a wish that is . But some of the same dreams as per the grave would have and they meet to the effort that is . God and the universe, human beings of every dream fulfilled to the preparation of the . But many times failure receipt of desperate pass and many times firmly convinced of the lack of due Man that moment you try to leave a few of the , when his dreams occur when the same are are . The same unfulfilled dreams on the image of form in keeping with that . Your dreams have on the image of form in place is . You finally time to give up or give in , then her own life to get you out there . “

Boy to his life span in the went wrong understanding came went . But death after so she can not help be had .

Friends , some even dream of full to the direction of the work to the east is firmly determined to ensure that no matter how well the difficulties Why not come ? Regardless of how many times the failure to confront why not to do ? Your dreams to fulfill to the direction in the long effort to continue , when then they all will not be known . Otherwise time out to go to after it regrets living will that I wish I had a little effort and made it . Your dreams are incomplete not to enter , firm determination and tireless efforts to make them reality in turn by the own pieces

2. The Bird and the Farmer

Motivational Story : a village in a farmer lives was . His village is out a little bit farm was . A bar crop planting a few days after his farm in bird ‘s nest made taken .

Some time passed , the bird was there two eggs also give answered . Those eggs in the two small small child out come . They are big fun of the farm in my life spending began .

A few months after crop harvest in time come to . Village of all farmers their fields of crops to harvest the look of . Now Bird and her children to the farm , except the new location to move the time back has had .

One day Farm in Bird of children by farmers to the call heard that tomorrow I crop harvesting and for his neighbor to ask and her farm to send . It heard Bird of child upset be made . At that time the bird ever went ever had . When he returned returned , then the children of the farmer ‘s talk show and said , ” Mom , today we on the final day is . Night for us second place the order on the left will be . “

Bird ‘s reply was , ” so quickly no children . I do not think that the last farm in the crop ‘s harvest will be . “

Bird ‘s said that the right to be had . Second Day farmer of neighboring farm in the not come and harvest the harvest not to be missed .

Evening the peasant farm in came to the farm to such a tit see bubbles felt that the neighbors do not come . It does I Was their any relatives to send a few Russian . “

Bird of children by then the farmer ‘s point either Lee and distressed to have . When Bird ‘s he ‘s thing told , so he bid , ” you guys worry not do . Today night we let the need not have . I do n’t think the farmer ‘s relative will come .”

Well it just happened and the farmer ‘s relatives the next day the farm is not accessible . Bird ‘s baby surprise was that the mother of every thing right ‘re doing is .

The next evening farmers when farm came , the farm of the same situation would bubbling felt that these people have to say in after the harvesting of to come not to . Yesterday I myself come harvest to harvest start will .

Bird of children by farmers of this matter also hear Lee . His mother ‘s when he ‘s told that he quote , ” Children , now the time came to do the farm leaving the . We have night as the field except second place went to go . “

Both the children were surprised that what is it this time , which mother is ready to leave the farm . He asked , then Bird quote , ” children , the last two times farmers harvesting of to others on the subject was . Others are saying it your job to overburden chandeliers have had . But this time it is not so . This time , he is responsible for his shoulders to take Lee ‘s . So he must come .”

The night bird and her baby the farm to fly to and nowhere to go to .


Others to help take in an evil not to . But if you have time to work and start to like you and want to do that it ‘s time to complete it should , then the work of the commission itself should be . Another also help him to do that , that your help that is .

3. Know Your Potential

Motivational Story On Ability : a village in a lazy man’s remains were . He can work Dham not that was . Just days long lazy laurence sit and think is was that someone like something to eat to get go .

One day he simply just wander wander common in a garden in access to . There juicy mangoes from carrying many trees were . Juicy common to see her face in the water having been more likely to break that one tree on the climb was . But as soon as that tree to climb , the garden of the owner there coming year .

Garden ‘s owner to see the lazy man’s fear was more like somehow tree from down there and part stand -up . Rush rush the village in out in the woods in being accessed . He eliminated like the tired has had . So a tree in the sitting relaxation began .

Then his eyes fell on a fox . The fox of a leg broken ever had and he limp on the week . Fox to see lazy man’s thinking was that such a condition in the the wild animals of the lush forest in the fox escaped How went ? It is now up to the victim to do it ?

Curiosity in that one tree to climb was and there sitting view thought that now the fox ‘s well ahead of what will ?  

Some of the moment last had that whole jungle lion ‘s fierce roar to echo lift . You hear all animals fear escape began . But Fox his broken leg and with portions not have had . That the vertical wind .

Lion Fox to have come out . Lazy man who thought that now Lion fox to death eating will . But before that happened , that something strange was . Lion Fox ‘s close reach stands have been . His mouth in the meat of the piece was , that she Fox ‘s face dropped by . Fox satisfied with the quality of the meat of the piece of food was . A little while later the lion there to run the .

This event would lazy man’s thinking was that God’s truth in the Master ‘s . She earth of all beings in order , whether that animal ‘s or human , eating drinking of managing to put it . He returned to his home .  

Home came that 2 3 days to bed to lie down and wait to put that as God the lion ‘s by Fox to order food sent was . As well as her to be there not any food drink the stuff the will .

But it can not happen . His condition started getting worse due to hunger . After her home from the outside to get the needed . Home to out it is a tree of the sitting of Baba shown lying . That they have been and woods of all accounts speak of he said , ” Baba Ji ! God me with so why have to do ? They have animals and for food of management is . But humans and to do . “

Baba Ji ‘s answer was , ” Son ! Such a thing does not have . God to have all management is . Others of like you to do . But the thing it is that they do fox no lions to want to . “


We all within the capabilities of the immense reserves is . Just your ignorance we have them recognize not find and own the less informed others of assistance to wait to live there . Self ‘s ability Identify . Others to help the wait not crawl . So enabling Be sure you have others to help do that .

4. execution of sentence

Inspirational Story: a time to talk to . Greece ( Greece ) the emperor a talk on his vizier from angry to have . Heartburn in his minister ‘s order execution of the sentence of the announcement can be . Hanging of time in the evening to 6 pm fixed to the .

Execution of sentence given are time Wazir court at present not had . Emperor ‘s troops the order given , ” Go , go minister to tell the two that evening to fix 6 pm to hang on hang the will .”

Emperor ‘s order values soldiers of a detachment Wazir ‘s house arrived . Her home to around toward the siege had been . Some soldiers home from inside the . Inside going on , he saw that there is a celebration of the environment is . That day was the birthday of the vizier . Her home on relatives and friends of Chahal initiative was . Music ringing am is . Dancing song having been had . The house in the dish of odor spread a month . Total overall there ‘s an atmosphere big happy was .

Soldiers who filled gathering in announcing the vizier for execution of sentence of about a said . It also said that hanging the evening 6 pm The will . It announced hear there exists every man shocked longer has . Shortly music and dancing song off to have been . Relatives , friends and family members blues are gone .

Only room in dominated silence in Wazir ‘s voice echoed throughout the world , ” up to a million a million thanks that she hang of for the evening 6 pm By the time you have . And until we all celebrate celebrating can do . ”  

Wazir of thing to hear friends , relatives and Priwarjhnon he said , ” How about you ‘re getting ? Execution of sentence awarded went to you and you party to celebrate like it . ”  

Wazir said that like all explained and celebrate again from the beginning made . Friends were sad . But Wazir ‘s happy to to celebrate the covers are gone .

This news soldiers by the Emperor to hurt went . Emperor meet out there knowing Wazir ‘s home access was . There climb when he all parties recognize the saw , so he also stunned longer has . He vizier of said , ” You crazy to have to do ? Evening 6 pm you hang on hang the will and you celebrate refuse to be . “

The vizier said sarcastically , Huzoor Thank you very much that you fixed the time of hanging at 6 pm .  In this way I could get time till 6 pm .  If you had not given me this time , how would I have been able to celebrate with my family , friends and relatives ? I have time till evening before hanging .Why should I leave this ? Whatever time I have , I want to spend it happily .

Hearing this , the king hugged the vizier and said , The person who values time . Who wants to spend every moment of life happily .How can he be put to death ? He has every right to live . Your words made our heart happy .Your death sentence is forgiven .  


Life is beautiful . Spend every moment of it happily It is sure that many times in life difficult times arise and we get upset .  In such a situation , we stop living life . Do n’t give up on difficulties , face them and do it with joy . Make full use of whatever time you have . This life is not going to come again and again . Live it freely .

5. Old Vulture ‘s Advice

Motivational Story On Comfort Zone In English : Once a flock of vultures reached an island flying by . The island was situated in the middle of the sea . There were many fish , frogs and sea creatures Thus the vultures had no shortage of food and drink there .The best part was that there was no wild animal hunting for vultures .  The vultures were very happy there . He had never seen such a comfortable life before .

Most of the vultures in that herd were young . They started thinking that now they have to live on this island for the rest of their lives . Do not go anywhere from here , because you will not find such a comfortable life anywhere .

But in the midst of all of them there was also an old vulture . When he saw the young vultures , he used to get worried . He wondered how the comfortable life here would affect these young vultures . Will they be able to understand the meaning of real life ? There is no challenge in front of them here . In such a situation , whenever trouble comes in front of them , how will they face it ?

After much thought , one day the old vulture called a meeting of all the vultures . Expressing his concern , he said to everyone , “ It has been a long time for us to live in this island . I think now we should go back to the same forest from which we have come .  Here we are living life without challenge .In such a situation, we will never be able to prepare for trouble .

Even the young vultures listened to him and listened to him . They felt that the old vulture had become stout due to the effect of increasing age . That ‘s why he ‘s doing such stupid things . He refused to leave the life of comfort of the island .  

The old vulture tried to explain to them , You all are not paying attention that you have forgotten to fly because you have become accustomed to comfort .  In such a problem , what would you do ? Listen to me , come with me .

But no one listened to the old vulture The old vulture left alone . A few months passed . One day the old vulture thought of taking the news of the vultures that had gone to the island and reached that island flying by flight .

Going to the island , he saw that the view there had changed . Wherever you look , there were dead bodies of vultures . Many vultures were lying bloodthirsty and injured . A surprised old vulture asked a wounded vulture , What has happened ?  How did this situation happen to you guys ?”  

The injured vulture said , ” After you left , we were living a life of great fun on this island . But one day a ship came here . Cheetahs were released from that ship here Initially , those cheetahs did nothing to us .But after a few days when he realized that we had forgotten to fly . Our claws and nails have become so weak that we can neither attack nor defend ourselves , so they started eating us one by one . We are in this condition because of them . Perhaps we have got this result for not listening to you .


Often after going to the comfort zone , it is difficult to come out of it . In such a situation, it is not easy to face challenges when they come . Therefore , never get happy by going to the comfort zone .  Always keep challenging yourself and be ready for trouble .  When you keep facing the challenge , keep moving forward .  

6. Camel Questions 

Short Motivational Story On Talent : It is a matter of one day . A camel and its baby were talking .In conversation , the child of the camel asked him , ” Father ! I have been thinking about some things for a long time . Can I ask you about them ?  

The camel said , ” Yes yes son , definitely ask son . I will have to Then I will answer for sure .”

Why do we camels have humps on their backs , father ?” The camel child asked

The camel said , ” Son , we are creatures living in the desert . We have a hump in our back so that we can store water in it . With this we can live without water for many days .

Well , and why are our legs so long and our toes rounded ?” The child of the camel asked another question .

As I have told you , we are desert creatures The land here is sandy and we have to walk in this sandy land Due to the long legs and rounded claws , we are comfortable in walking in the sand .

Well , I understood the reason behind our hump , long legs and rounded toes . But I do not understand the reason for our thick eyelashes . Due to these thick eyelashes , sometimes I have trouble seeing . Why is it so thick ?” The camel child said .

Son ! These eyelashes are the protector of our eyes . They protect our eyes from the dust of the desert

Now I understand that our camels have humps to store water , long legs and rounded claws to walk smoothly on sandy ground and thick eyelids to protect the eyes from dust .In such a situation , we should be in the desert or not , father , then what are we doing in this zoo ?


Gained knowledge , skills and talents are useful only when you are in the right place . Otherwise all is in vain . Many people , despite being talented , are not able to be successful in life because they do not use their talent in the right place / area . Don’t let your talent go to waste .

7. Spider , Ant and Web

Motivational Story on Task Completion: A spider was looking for a suitable place to make its web . She wanted her web to be in such a place where a lot of insects and flies would come and get trapped . In this way she wanted to spend her life eating , drinking and relaxing with pleasure .

She liked the corner of the room of a house and started preparing to make a net there .  He had just started weaving the net that a cat passing by started laughing loudly on seeing him .  When the spider asked the cat the reason for his laughter , the cat said , ” I am laughing at your stupidity . ” You do n’t see how clean this place is . There are neither insects nor flies here . Who will fall in your web ?”

After listening to the cat , the spider gave up the idea of making a web in that corner of the room and started looking for another place . She saw a window adjacent to the verandah of the house and she started weaving the net there . He had prepared half the net by weaving it , then a bird came there and started making fun of him , ” Hey , have you lost your mind , who is weaving a web on this window . A strong wind will blow and your net will fly away .”

The spider got the point of the bird right . She immediately stopped weaving the net over the window and started looking for another place . While searching , his eyes fell on an old cupboard . The door of that cupboard was slightly open . She went there and started weaving the net . Then a cockroach came there and while explaining to him said , ” It is pointless to make a net at this place . This wardrobe is very old .It will be sold in a few days . All your hard work will go in vain .”

The spider accepted the advice of the cockroach and stopped making web in the cupboard and started searching for another place . But in the midst of all this , the whole day had passed . She was tired and was suffering from hunger and thirst .Now he did not have enough courage to make a net .  

Exhausted , she sat down in one place .An ant was also sitting there Seeing the tired spider , the ant said , ” I have been watching you since morning . You start weaving a web and leaving it incomplete by coming into the words of others .  The one who comes in the words of others , is in the same condition as yours .

Hearing the ant , the spider realized its mistake and started repenting .  


It often happens that we start new work and people of negative mindset come and start discouraging us .  They try to break our spirits by enumerating future troubles and problems .Many times we come to their talk and leave our work in a situation when it is on the verge of completion and later we keep on regretting it when the time runs out . It is necessary that whenever we start any new work , we should think carefully and then get involved in that work with confidence and determination .The work will definitely be completed . If you want to achieve success in life , then you have to have the same attitude towards the goal .

8. Hundred Camels

Hundred Camels Motivational Story In English : A person living in a village in Rajasthan was always troubled by some problem and because of this he was very sad with his life .

One day he got information from somewhere that a Pir Baba had come to his village with his convoy .He decided that he would meet Pir Baba and ask him a solution to the problems of his life .

In the evening he reached the place where Pir Baba was staying .After waiting for some time he got an opportunity to meet Pir Baba . He saluted them and said , ” Baba ! I am very much troubled by the problems coming one after the other in my life . One does not get rid of that the other stands in front . Home problems , work problems , health problems and so many other problems . It seems that my whole life is surrounded by problems .Please suggest some such remedy that all the problems of my life will end and I can live a peaceful and happy life .

After listening to him , Pir Baba smiled and said , Son ! I understand your problem .I will tell you the ways to solve them tomorrow . In the meantime , do me a little work .

The person is ready .

Pir Baba said , ” Son , I have 100 camels in my convoy . I want you to guard them tonight . When all 100 camels have sat down , then you go to sleep .”

Saying this Pir Baba went to sleep in his tent . The man went to look after the camels .

Next morning Pir Baba called him and asked , ” Son ! Did you sleep well at night , did n’t you ?”

Where ‘s Baba ? The whole night I could not sleep even for a moment . I tried very hard that all the camels should sit together so that I could sleep peacefully .  But my attempt was not successful .  Some camels sat down on their own . Some did not sit even after my best efforts . Some even sat down , others got up .In this way the whole night passed .” The person replied . 

Pir Baba smiled and said , If I am not wrong , what happened to you last night ?

1Many camels sat by themselves . 

2You made many people sit with your efforts .

3Many did not sit even after your many efforts . Later you saw that some of them sat down on their own .  

That ‘s exactly what happened, Baba .” The person spoke quickly .

Then Pir Baba explained to him and said , ” Can you understand that the problems of life are like this :

  • Some problems resolve on their own .
  • After a few tries it gets resolved .
  • Even after some efforts it is not resolved .Leave those problems on time .They will resolve on their own when the right time comes .

Last night you must have felt that no matter how much you try ? You can not seat all the camels at once . You make one sit , the other stands up . If you make the second sit , the third one gets up . The problems of life are like these camels One problem is not solved , another one arises .Problems are part of life and always will be . Sometimes they are less , sometimes more You have to bring change in yourself and instead of getting entangled in them all the time , keep them aside and move forward in life . ,

The person understood Pir Baba ‘s point and decided that he would never let his problems dominate him from now on .  Whether it is happiness or sorrow , life will go on moving forward .

9. Inspirational story of spider

Motivational Story : Many paintings were kept in the basement of a big museum in the city . These were the paintings which did not find a place in the exhibition hall . For a long time , spiders had made a web on the paintings lying in the basement

On a painting lying in the corner of the basement , a spider had woven a large web with great effort . It was his home and it was the sweetest thing in the world to him . She took special care of him .

One day the cleaning and maintenance work of the museum started .  In this process , some selected paintings kept in the basement were kept in the exhibition room of the museum . Seeing this , many spiders living in the basement of the museum left their web and went elsewhere .

But the spider in the corner painting did not leave its web . He thought that all the paintings would not be taken to the exhibition hall . This painting may not even be taken away .  

After some time more paintings were picked up from the basement .But even then the spider thought that this is the best place for me to live . Where can I find a better place than this ? She was not ready to leave her house . So he did not leave his net .

But one morning the museum staff started taking away the painting kept in that corner Now the spider had no option but to leave his web . If she did not leave the net , she would have been killed . He left his net made with so much hard work .  

After leaving the museum , she wandered here and there for several days .He had to be two or four due to many problems . She used to be very sad that God took away her beautiful house from her and pushed her into this trouble .

She thinks of her old house in the museum and becomes sad that she will never get a better place than that now . But he had to find a place to live for himself . That ‘s why she kept trying . Finally one day she reached a beautiful garden .  

There was a quiet corner in the garden , which the spider liked very much . He started working hard again and in a few days made a beautiful web than before . This was his most beautiful house ever .Now she was happy that whatever happened was good , otherwise she would never have been able to live in such a beautiful house in such a beautiful place . She happily lived there .


Sometimes such a difficult time comes in life , when everything that we have made gets shattered .  It can be our business , job , home , family or any relationship .In such a situation , we start cursing our luck or start complaining to God . But really difficult situations test our spirits . If we keep our spirits strong and go ahead in life while battling difficulties , then it does not take time to change the circumstances Our courage , our bravery , our hard work lead us towards betterment .Believe me, if there is courage , even after being scattered again and again , the heights of the sky can be touched .

10. Sage and Dates

Motivational Story : It is a matter of one day . A sadhu was going towards his hut situated in the forest outside the village There was a market on the way . While passing through the market the sight of the monk fell on the many baskets kept in a shop . Dates were kept in it .

Seeing the dates , the mind of the monk was tempted . The desire to eat dates arose in his mind . But at that time he had no money . He controlled his desire and went to the hut

Even after reaching the hut , the thought of dates could not leave the monk ‘s mind . He kept thinking about that only .He could not even sleep properly at night When he woke up the next morning , he started thinking of arranging money to fulfill his desire to eat dates . 

By selling dry wood there would be an arrangement of money to buy dates , thinking that he went to the forest and started picking dry wood . After collecting a lot of wood he made a bundle of it and carrying it on his shoulder started towards the market .

The bundle of girls was heavy . It was not easy to carry the distance till the market . But the monk went on . After a while his shoulder started hurting .So he stopped at one place to take rest . After resting for a while , he picked up the woods again and started walking . Similarly , intermittently , somehow he reached the market with a bundle of wood   

He sold all the wood in the market . Now he has got enough money so that he can buy dates .He was very happy and reached the date shop .  With all the money he bought dates and went back to his hut .  

On the way to the cottage , a thought came to his mind that today I had a desire to eat dates . May be tomorrow something else will be desired . Sometimes the desire for new clothes will awaken , sometimes for a good house . Sometimes of women and children , sometimes of money .  I am a saintly person . In this way I will become a slave of desires .

As soon as this thought came , the monk gave up the idea of eating dates . At that time a poor man was passing by him .  The monk called him and gave him all the dates . In this way he saved himself from becoming a slave of desires .


If we are defeated by all of our desires , we will be forever slaves of our desires .The mind is fickle . By staying in it , desires keep arising .  Which can be right as well as inappropriate In such a situation, it is necessary to control the desires . Only after carefully assessing the desires , steps should be taken for their fulfillment . Only then you will get success in life . We are not to make slaves of desires , but to make desires our slaves .

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