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Inspirational stories in life have a different importance. There are often moments in life when we find ourselves trapped in a whirlpool of despair. In such a situation, inspiring words spoken by someone or inspirational sentences written somewhere or Motivational stories infuse new enthusiasm by taking us out of that vortex of despair.

“Motivational stories” are like a powerful dose of inspiration to uplift your spirits! These stories share real-life examples of overcoming challenges and achieving dreams, serving as a source of motivation and encouragement. Dive into these uplifting narratives for a boost of positivity, reminding yourself that you possess the strength to conquer any obstacles on your journey!

1. Last attempt Inspirational Narrative stories

Once upon a time. A majestic king ruled in a kingdom. One day a foreign visitor came to his court and presented a beautiful stone to the king.

The king was super happy when he saw that rock. He decided to build the statue of Lord Vishnu from that stone and install it in the temple of the state and handed over the task of building the statue to the General Secretary of the state.

The Mahamantri went to the best sculptor of the village and gave him the stone and said, “The Maharaja wants to install the idol of Lord Vishnu in the temple. Within seven days, prepare the idol of Lord Vishnu from this stone and bring it to the palace. You’ll get 50 gold coins for doing this!

The sculptor became happy after listening to the 50 gold coins and after the departure of the General Secretary, took out his tools for the purpose of starting the construction of the statue. 

He took a hammer from his tools and started hitting it with a hammer to break the stone. But the stone remained the same. The sculptor made several hammer blows on the stone. But the stone did not break.

After trying fifty times, the sculptor picked up the hammer with the aim of making the last attempt, but before hitting the hammer, he pulled it out thinking that when the stone did not break after hitting fifty times, what would it break now?

He took the stone and went back to the General Secretary and returned it saying that it is impossible to break this stone. Therefore it cannot make an idol of Lord Vishnu.

The General Secretary had to fulfill the orders of the king in every situation. Therefore, he entrusted the task of making the statue of Lord Vishnu to a simple sculptor of the village. 

Taking the stone, the sculptor struck him with a hammer in front of the General Secretary and that stone broke in one go.

Once the rock broke, the sculptor began crafting the statue. At that moment, the General Secretary wondered, “If the first sculptor had given it one more shot, he could’ve succeeded and earned those 50 gold coins.”

Lessons of the inspirational stories

Friends, we also come across such situations in our life. Many times, before doing any work or when any problem comes in front of us, before solving it, our confidence is shaken and we give up without trying. Sometimes we give up trying after getting failure in one or two attempts. Whereas it may be that with some more effort, the work would have been completed or the problem would have been resolved. If you want to achieve success in life, then even if you fail again and again, one should not stop trying until success is achieved. Do you know, the effort which we pull before doing, that should be our last effort and we should get success in it.

2. Mirror of life enraging stories

Mirror of life Motivational Stories

One day when all the employees of the office reached the office, they found a slip pasted on the door. The note said, “The person who was causing trouble for you in the company passed away yesterday. We’re having a meeting in the seminar hall to honor him. Please be there at 11 o’clock.”

At first, everyone felt really sad when they heard about the passing of their colleague. But after some time this curiosity started to arise in all of them that after all, who was it, who was hindering the progress of them and the company?

At 11 o’clock the employees started coming to the seminar hall. More and more people showed up, and it got so crowded that they had to bring in security guards to manage the crowd. People kept on coming. As the crowd of people was increasing, the movement in the seminar hall was also increasing. The only thing running through everyone’s mind was this: “Who was it after all, bent on restraining my progress in the company? Come on, in a way it’s good that he died.”

As soon as the tribute meeting started, one by one all the curious and curious employees started approaching the shroud. When he moved closer and peeked under the cover, his face showed pure surprise. As if they were in shock.

They had a mirror hidden inside that cover. Whoever looked into it, he would see his own personality in him. There was a note stuck to the mirror that had something written on it, and it was really moving everyone.

Lessons of the inspiring stories

“There is only one person who is hindering your progress and that is you yourself. You are the person who can create revolution in your life. You are the person who can influence your happiness, your understanding and your success. You are the only person who can help himself. Your life doesn’t change when your boss changes; Your life doesn’t change when your friends change; Your life doesn’t change when your partner or partner changes; Your life changes when “Yourself” changes. When you cross the limits of your own beliefs, when you understand that you and only you are responsible for your life, then your life changes. The most important relationship you have with someone is your own.

3. Heir to the kingdom provocative stories

Heir to the kingdom Motivational Stories

A powerful king governed a kingdom. He didn’t have any children. Because of his age, he felt really concerned about who would take over the kingdom in the future.Even after showing many doctors, he remained deprived of child happiness. Ultimately he decided to hand over the reins of the state to a qualified youth of the state.

He conducted a merit test for the selection of the future successor. To address this concern, they constructed a grand palace. A math problem was written on the palace door, and they announced to everyone in the state that all the young folks were encouraged to give it a shot and try to open the door. Solve the equation on the door and open the door.

Anyone who successfully opens the door will not only receive the palace as a gift but will also be declared the heir to the kingdom.

From the day of the announcement, there was an influx of young people in that newly built palace. From morning till evening, young men used to come there and try to solve the mathematical equation written on the door. But it was surprising that no one was able to solve it.

Many would go by writing or remembering it and make every effort to solve it at home. But still fail.

Many days passed. Even the biggest mathematicians of the state were unable to find a solution to that equation. Then the king invited mathematicians from other states. Mathematicians from other states came and started solving that mathematical equation.

As the day progressed, one by one the mathematicians left. In the end, only three people remained. Two of them were mathematicians from another state, but the third was a simple young man from the village.

While the mathematicians were busy solving equations, the young man stood in a corner, observing their efforts. When the king saw him standing like this, he called nearby and asked, “Why are you not solving the equations on the door?”

The young man said, “Sir, I have just come here to see these eminent mathematicians. They are such great mathematicians of their states. Let them solve the equation. If they find a solution, they will become the heirs of the state. What could be more joyous than this? If I can’t solve these equations, then I will try and see.”

Saying this, the young man sat in a corner and looked at the mathematicians. The whole day passed and evening came. But both the mathematicians could not solve the equation. The whole day only one question was swirling in his mind that what is so in this equation? How can this be resolved? How will this door of the palace open?

He could not solve the equation even after trying his best. When he gave up, the young man sitting in the corner got up and went to the door and pushed him softly. As soon as he pushed the door, the door opened.

As soon as the door opened, people started asking him what did you do that the door of the palace opened. The young man said, “While I was sitting and watching everyone solve math equations, a thought came to my mind that there might not be any equation to open the door. So I went and went first and pushed the door. The door opened. There was no equation to open the door.”

The king, who was present, heard the young man’s answer and was overjoyed. He not only awarded the palace to the young man but also announced him as the future heir to the kingdom.

Lessons of the provocative stories

Many times in life, we get caught in such a situation, when we feel that we have a problem like a mountain in front of us. Whereas in reality there is no problem or it does happen, it is very small. But we keep getting involved in it by making it very big. Later, the solution to that problem comes out on its own or after a little effort. Then we realize how much time we have wasted for such a problem. Don’t get discouraged when problems arise. Think calmly and then try to solve.

4. Farmer’s clock Motivational Stories

Farmer's clock Motivational Stories

Once upon a time. A farmer was working in a grain hut near his field. During the work his watch got lost somewhere. The watch was gifted to him by his father. Because of this he had an emotional attachment to her.

He tried hard to find that watch. Scored every corner of the kothi. But the clock was not found. Desperate, he came out of the kothi. There he saw some children playing.

He called the children nearby and assigned them the task of finding their father’s watch. He also announced a reward for the one who finds the watch. In the greed of the reward, the children immediately agreed.

Going inside the kothi, the children started looking for the clock. Even after searching everywhere, here and there, the clock could not be found. The kids got tired and gave up.

The farmer has now lost hope of getting the watch. He was sitting sad in the kothi after the children left. Then a child came back and told the farmer that he wanted to try to find the clock once again. The farmer agreed.

The child went inside the kothi and came out in no time. He had a farmer’s watch in his hand. When the farmer saw that clock, he was very happy. He wondered how did the child find the clock which everyone failed to find?

On being asked, the child told that after going inside the kothi, he stood silently in one place and started listening. In peace, he heard the ticking of the clock, and searching in the direction of that sound, he found the clock.

The farmer congratulated the child and sent him away with a reward.

Lessons of the Farmer’s clock Motivational Stories

Peace makes our mind and mind focused and this concentrated state of mind is helpful in determining the direction of life. Therefore, we must take out some time during the day, when we can sit and meditate in peace. Otherwise we will be entangled in this noisy world. We will never know ourselves or our mind. Only the sheep of the world will go on walking. When the eyes will open, then we will only regret that how have we determined this direction of life? We wanted something else. Whereas in reality we did what the world said. We didn’t even take the time to listen to our mind.

5. Aggravating Story of hawks and chicks

A farmer lived in a village. Once he found an egg of a falcon from somewhere. He put that egg with the hen’s egg. The hen started incubating that egg with other eggs.

In a few days, the chicks came out of the hen’s egg and the hawk’s baby came out of the hawk’s egg. The falcon’s baby started growing with the chicks. He started to grow up eating, drinking, playing with the chicks, jumping here and there.

While living with the chicks, he never realized that he was not a chick but a hawk. He considered himself a chicken and used to do everything like him.

When it was time to fly, he also flew up to a small height after seeing the other chicks and then came back to the ground. He also wanted to fly high, but when he saw everyone flying only a little higher, he would also fly to the same height. He didn’t even try to fly high.

One day he saw an eagle flying high in the sky. Seeing a bird flying at such a height for the first time surprised him. He asked the chicks, “Who’s that brother soaring so high?”

The chick said, “He is the falcon, the king of birds. He flies at the highest altitude in the sky. No other bird can match him.”

“If I want to fly like him too?” Baz asked.

“How are you talking? Don’t forget you are a chick. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to fly as much as an eagle. So don’t think of flying high in vain. Be happy in flying as much as you can. The chicks said.

The falcon accepted this and never tried to fly high. Despite being a hawk, he lived like a chicken for the rest of his life.

Lessons of the Aggravating Story of hawks and chicks

Thoughts and attitudes have a profound effect on our lives. We are all full of potential and possibilities. No matter what situation we are in, we need to recognize our potential and broaden our thinking and perspective. If we consider ourselves to be chickens, we will become chicks and if we consider ourselves to be hawks, we will become hawks. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t limit your potential, be a hawk and fly high in life.

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